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Monster Mash 2013 Winners
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Brewer Groups Categories Subcategory BrewName Place
Andrew Oswalt Sit When You Pee Bier Lagers 1D Munich H-ale-s 1
James Lindsay Sit When You Pee Bier Lagers 3B Like An Angel In Disguise 2
Craig Hendry Sit When You Pee Bier Lagers 1A Lager 3
Jeremy Wickham Sit When You Pee Bier 2 Hybrids 7A Amber’s Angry Inflection 1
Jeremy Wickham Sit When You Pee Bier 2 Hybrids 6C Angry Inflection 2
Andrew Oswalt Sit When You Pee Bier 2 Hybrids 7C Catfish Blood 3
Nick Hudson Wankers English, Irish & Scottish 11A Mild 1
William Becker Wankers English, Irish & Scottish 9E Billy Hills 2
Andrew Oswalt Wankers English, Irish & Scottish 8A Swift Current 3
William Becker American Pie American Ale 10B Bazinga 1
Richard Bryant American Pie American Ale 10A Homestead Ale 2
Thile Targaryen American Pie American Ale 10A Bmpa 3
Brian Lebaron Portucullis Porters & Stouts 13F #32 Imperial Stout 1
Jeremy Wickham Portucullis Porters & Stouts 13F Let’s Stout It Out (2012) 2
Craig Hendry Portucullis Porters & Stouts 13F Stout, And Then Some 3
Nick Hudson Bier for Men IPA 14B Ipa 1
Martin Schultz Bier for Men IPA 14C Grants Surrender #2 2
John Myrick Bier for Men IPA 14B Lupulin Love 3
Jeremy Wickham Germans Make Ale? German Wheat & Rye 15D Roggen Your Face Off 1
Brian Lebaron Germans Make Ale? German Wheat & Rye 15B #22 Dunkelweizen 2
Craig Hendry Germans Make Ale? German Wheat & Rye 15A Hefe Wize 3
Thile Targaryen Bagels & Waffles French & Belgian Ale 16E Sinister Xpt 1
Thile Targaryen Bagels & Waffles French & Belgian Ale 16E Revivale 2013 2
James Lindsay Bagels & Waffles French & Belgian Ale 16C 4 3
Ron Unz Ewe, gross! Sours 17A Einsteins’s Berliner Weisse 1
Richard Bryant Ewe, gross! Sours 17F Chuqutonchee Kriek 2
Kris Paulk Ewe, gross! Sours 17A The Notorious Captain Kit Shicker’s Berliner Weisse 3
Fred Ezelle Strong Belwas Belgian Strong Ale 18E Experiment #11 1
Thile Targaryen Strong Belwas Belgian Strong Ale 18A Kingslayer Blonde 2
Craig Hendry Strong Belwas Belgian Strong Ale 18E Belgian Strong 3
Jeremy Wickham Strong Wood Wood Aged & Strong Ale 22C True Blue Plantiff 1
Nathan Harms Strong Wood Wood Aged & Strong Ale 22C Goodnight Irene 2
Kris Paulk Strong Wood Wood Aged & Strong Ale 19B +10 Ale Of Wounding 3
Craig Hendry Things That Should Not Be Fruit, Spice, Vegetable & Herb 20A Brickleberry Ale 1
Craig Hendry Things That Should Not Be Fruit, Spice, Vegetable & Herb 21A Cucumber Kolsch 2
Richard Bryant Things That Should Not Be Fruit, Spice, Vegetable & Herb 23A Valentino 1
Nick Hudson That's So Special Specialty 23A Tart Pie Cherry 2
Fred Ezelle That's So Special Specialty 23A Experiment #10 3
Eric Gordon That's So Special Specialty 21A White Devil 3
Monster Mash Homebrew Competition Results
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Thanks to all who participated in the HBAMM Monster Mash Homebrew Comp. It was a big success and another step forward in the developing homebrew scene in Mississippi. We will continue to improve the format and hope you will continue to support our efforts.


Name Club BrewName Place



Nathan Harms Delta Brews Harmtoberfest 1st
Sandy Brasfield Delta Brews Darkness On The Edge Of Town 2nd
Sandy Brasfield Delta Brews Murderously Hot Maibock 3rd



Trach Downs Escambia Bay Homebrewers Beer 1 1st
Nathan Harms Delta Brews Pale Horse Kolsch 2nd
James Frazer Brass Monkey 3rd


Scottish & Irish Ale

Chris Bible Danny Boy Delight 1st
Skip Sharp HBAMM Lynnwood Red Ale 2nd
Gary Yetter Escambia Bay Homebrewers Big Red 3rd


American Ale

Mason Meeks HBAMM Mpa8 1st
Sean Murphy Delta Brews Calixy Pale Ale 2nd
Tommy Morris GTR Brewers Centennial Pale Ale 3rd


Browns & Porters

Nathan Harms Delta Brews Porter? I Barely Know Her! 1st
Nathan Harms Delta Brews Last Train To Darksville 2nd
Ronald Unz GTR Brewers Robust Porter 3rd



Chris Bible Ebony Insanity 1st
Eric Smiley HBAMM War Hammer 2nd
Tracy Downs Escambia Bay Homebrewers Beer2 3rd



Jim Clark HBAMM Landworld Ipa 1st
Grady Dixon GTR Brewers A Very For Gery 2nd
John Myrick HBAMM Colonial Ipa 3rd


German, Belgian, French Ale

Nathan Powell GTR Brewers Sublime Saison 1st
Taylor Gorman Brasseurs A La Maison Seth Roggen-bier 2nd
Avery Ainsworth HBAMM Kertsmis Ale 3rd


Belgian Strong Ale

Avery Ainsworth HBAMM Dubbeltjie Stuk 1st
Avery Ainsworth HBAMM Vloek Streke Ale 2nd
Brad Justice HBAMM Sinister Dark 3rd


Strong Ale

Kris Paulk Miss Pine Belt Brewers Alliance +10 Ale Of Wounding 1st
Andrew Oswalt HBAMM Old But Not Forgotten 2nd
Alex Ignatiev St. John Chrysostom Old Ale 3rd


Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

Eric Mcdonald HBAMM Punkin Profession-ale 1st
Jeremy Wickham GTR Brewers Chocolate Thunder Stout 2nd
Nathan Harms Delta Brews Delta Breakfast Stout 3rd


Smoke & Wood Aged Beer

Nathan Harms Delta Brews Good Night Varda 1st
Tray Bourgoyne HBAMM Whiskey Barrel Belgium Ale 2nd
Mason Meeks HBAMM Bop Gun 3rd



Anis Miladi Escambia Bay Homebrewers Black Beauty 1st
David Komendanchik Brasseurs A La Maison Bourbon Barrel Choc Porter 2nd
James Steudle Idiot Jim Porter 3rd


Other than beer (Meads & Ciders)

Kris Paulk Miss Pine Belt Brewers Alliance Warhammer 1st
Sandy Brasfield Delta Brews Still Mead Runs Deep 2nd
Charles Goorsky 2012-autumn-equinox 3rd
Last Updated on Thursday, 15 November 2012 09:50
Monster Mash Homebrew Competition
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Monster Mash Homebrew Competition


Registration is now open for the HBAMM’s Monster Mash Homebrew Competition. Please visit the competition website to register: http://hbamm.org/brewcomp/. The rules for the competition can be found here: http://hbamm.org/brewcomp/index.php?section=rules .

During the registration process, you can elect to volunteer as a judge or steward. Once registered, you can add entries by clicking on the “My Info and Entries” link on the top section of the brew competition website. Please note the “Entry Information” page before submitting your entry. The entry window is October 1, 2012 through October 19, 2012. Entry forms and bottle labels will be automatically generated and can be printed from the competition website.

All categories will be accepted, but we may group styles based on the number entries. There is a $5.00 entry fee with cash, check, or PayPal being accepted for payment. Please note the “Pay My Fees” page for more information on the payment options and the link to if you wish to pay with PayPal.

Judging will occur on October 27, 2012 and November 10, 2012. The awards ceremony will be held on November 10, 2012.

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 August 2012 09:25
Beer Bills
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There are several bills for increasing ABW and explicitly legalizing homebrew that are currently in committee. If any of the members of the Senate Finance Committee or the House Ways & Means Committee represent you please give them a call to encourage their support for these bills. Once the bills come out of committee we will need to work fast to contact our representatives on the floor. When I hear they have come to the floor I will post in the forum, twitter and send an email. We need your support to make sure they know this is important to us. Be respectful when you call.

Joey Fillingane, Chairman; Merle Flowers, Vice-Chairman
Members: Nickey Browning; Hob Bryan; Kelvin E. Butler; Lydia Graves Chassaniol; Deborah Jeanne Dawkins; Sally Doty; Steve Hale; Josh Harkins; Billy Hudson; Kenneth Wayne Jones; David Jordan; Dean Kirby; Will Longwitz; Chris Massey; Haskins Montgomery; Philip Moran; Rita Potts Parks; John A. Polk; Derrick T. Simmons; Tony Smith; Bill Stone; Gray Tollison; Giles Ward; Michael Watson

Ways and Means
Jeffrey C. Smith, Chairman; Ray Rogers, Vice-Chairman
Members: Brian Aldridge; Mark Baker; Richard Bennett; Edward Blackmon, Jr.; Chris Brown; Credell Calhoun; Gary Chism; Tyrone Ellis; James Evans; Mark Formby; Andy Gipson; Esther Harrison; D. Stephen Holland; Steven A. Horne; Sherra Hillman Lane; Bennett Malone; Rita Martinson; Brad Mayo; Kevin McGee; Bobby Moak; Alex Monsour; Thomas U. Reynolds; Omeria Scott; Ferr Smith; Gary V. Staples; Johnny W. Stringer; Jerry R. Turner; Jessica Upshaw; Tom Weathersby; Tommy L. Woods; Henry Zuber III


Senate Member Roster

House Member Roster

Normal steps for bill passage

  1. Introduced and assigned to committee (either House or Senate)
  2. Committee votes and passes bill on to the floor
  3. Entire chamber votes on bill
  4. Bill referred to other side for committee assignment
  5. Committee votes and passes bill on to the floor
  6. Entire chamber votes on bill
  7. Governor signs bill into law


Last Updated on Friday, 23 March 2012 13:23
Best Of Mississippi Homebrew Competition Results
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We had a great turnout for our first BJCP sanctioned homebrew competition. We had 30 American Ales and 15 Stouts entered. We had a great panel of judges with BJCP judges Ken and Millie Carmen serving as head judges for the two categories. Also helping out was J. L. Thompson, president of the Bluff City Brewers, Jeremy Wickham, president of Golden Triangle Brewers, Richard Bryant, vice-president of Golden Triangle Brewers, as well as Jason Bridges and Jonas Outlaw of HBAMM.

Prizes were donated by Hops & Habanas, Sierra Nevada, the AHA, BeerSmith, Tin Roof Brewing, Northern Brewer, Midwest, Austin Homebrew, Niko Brew, Draft Magazine, and BYO.

The winners for the American Ale Category were:

1st Place: Mason Meeks with MPA8 (American Pale Ale)

2nd Place: Randy Louden & Paris Miller with Jimi's Hazed & Infused APA (American Pale Ale)

3rd Place: Nathan Harms with Hoptastrophe (American Pale Ale)

The winners for the Stout Category were:

1st Place: Andrew Speihler with La Vache Noire (Sweet Stout)

2nd Place: Andrew Oswalt with Freight Train Stout (American Stout)

3rd Place: Craig Hendry with Stout, And Then Some (Imperial Stout)

These six winners advanced to the Best of Show round where the beers were tasted again; but this time instead of being compared to the BJCP style guide, they were judged against each other to determine which beer tasted the best in general.

This produced an interesting result in which the first place beer from a category was not determined to be the best tasting beer overall. The overall winner of the Best of MS Homebrew Competition was Randy Louden & Paris Miller's American Pale Ale, Jimi's Hazed & Confused.

I want to thank every one who entered, served on the competition staff and volunteered food and beer for the event. It was a big success and I look forward to building on it next year.


Last Updated on Monday, 21 November 2011 13:16
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